Client: Comstock
Project: Humber Bay

Challenge: This project started with a request to assist Comstock to obtain TSSA Fuels Approvals for five
Unilux boilers in the basement of the Humber Bay Waste Water Treatment Facility. The boilers were in
the midst of commissioning on natural gas and digester gas.

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Client: London District Energy,
Project: NOx Reduction through the use of Low NOx Burners

Challenge: London District Energy (LDE), a central heating plant located in London, Ontario and has 3
boilers providing steam to the downtown core of London. The plant was restricted on steam output due to
a total plant NOx discharge limit. LDE is the oldest district heating plant in North America. The current
burners in the boilers were designed for low NOx using Flue Gas Recirculation (FGR); however, they were
not capable of reaching the new limit required by the plant.

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